You’ve probably Googled ‘copywriter’ and now you’re faced with a zillion “award-winning”, SEO expertise-toting scribes to choose from. We feel your pain. Truly. And we’re here to help…


We’re MediaMinister, a boutique copywriting and editorial consultancy based in sunny Brighton (well, it’s sunny today, at least). Perhaps you’ve never heard of us before, but we can bet you’ve read some of our words. You may have even bought our clients’ services or products. Whether you need:

green-button-checkweb content to make you positively sparkle and turn browsers into buyers

green-button-checkcampaign collateral that can shift products in seconds

green-button-checka bit of help polishing that final draft of your annual report

…or any number of other things, we’re the wordsmiths to call. We’re obviously doing something right; we’ve been working with clients on a global scale knocking on a decade or two now. Reliable freelance help, available as you need it.



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