Why choose us?

Why choose MediaMinister? There’s a good baker’s dozen of reasons. Here are some of them:


green-button-checkBecause we’ll save you precious time AND make you more money. Our words have massive impact. They’re fresh, compelling and clear. They engage an audience to sell an idea, product or service.

green-button-checkBecause we’ve built a solid track record. When it comes to experience, we’ve amassed a good decade or two in the writing and editing field. All that said, we believe being a good copywriter and editor has less to do with time spent at the ‘adland front’ and more to do with good, down-to-earth natural ability. We have it all.

green-button-checkBecause professionals choose to do business with us again and again. We’ve helped 100s of clients (see our client list) with web copy, brochures, blogs, articles, news and press releases, and more. We’ve also provided plenty of advice on how to make their communications better than the competition.

green-button-checkBecause we know what works and what doesn’t. Just as with most things in life, if you want the best, you hire a specialist. Over the years, we’ve specialised in using proven techniques that can dramatically increase the response of ANY written material. Techniques that are used by the most successful and highest-paid copywriters…

green-button-checkBecause, despite our expertise, we don’t cost the earth. Then again, we’re not horribly cheap, either. We don’t have a swanky London office, nor are we a big agency with big overheads — which means we can pass on those savings to you. Think London quality at Brighton prices. Plus, as freelance writers and editors aren’t employees, you needn’t worry about handling taxes, benefits, and so on. You only pay for the work you need.

green-button-checkBecause we have multi-platform experience. Print, online, video, SEO…you name it, we’ve probably done it. So you can be sure your message will get maximum exposure wherever you need to be seen.

green-button-checkBecause we’re ridiculously easy to work with and totally reliable. We’re professionals, but we’re not prima-donnas. As one of our clients says, we’re “an absolute pleasure to work with” and we always deliver results.

green-button-checkBecause our words get the right results. Enough said, really.




Now you know we are the smart choice when it comes to compelling copy and content that make a splash, why not get started straightaway?